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1) How do I disable or capture the break key in Turbo Pascal?
2) How do I get a printed documentation of my students' TP runs?
3) What is the code for the weekday of a given date?
4) Need a program to format Turbo Pascal source code consistently
5) Can someone give me advice for writing a tsr program?
6) Why can't I read / write the com ports?
7) What are interrupts and how to use them in Turbo Pascal?
8) Should I upgrade my Turbo Pascal version?
9) How do I execute an MS-DOS command from within a TP program?
10) How is millisecond timing done?
11) How can I customize the text characters to my own liking?
12) How to find the files in a directory and subdirectories?
13) I need a power function but there is none in Turbo Pascal.
14) How can I create arrays that are larger than 64 kilobytes?
15) How can I test that the printer is ready?
16) How can I clear the keyboard type-ahead buffer?
17) How can I utilize expanded memory (EMS) in my programs?
18) How can I obtain the entire command line?
19) How do I redirect text from printer to file in my TP program?
20) Turbo Pascal is for wimps. Use standard Pascal or C instead?
21) How do I turn the cursor off?
22) How to find all roots of a polynomial?
23) What is all this talk about "Pascal homework on the net"?
24) How can I link graphics drivers directly into my executable?
25) How can I trap a runtime error?
26) How to get ansi control codes working in Turbo Pascal writes?
27) How to evaluate a function given as a string to the program?
28) How does one detect whether input (or output) is redirected?
29) How does one set the 43/50 line text mode?
30) How can I assign a value to an environment variable in TP?
31) How does one store, and then restore the original screen?
32) How can I convert a TPU unit of one TP version to another?
33) Which error is e.g. Runtime error 205, etc
34) Why can't I open read-only files? I get "File access denied".
35) How do I obtain high and low parts of a byte variable?
36) How can I set a hi-intensity color background in the text mode?
37) Where can I find a program to convert (Turbo) Pascal to C?
38) How can I read input without echoing to the screen?
39) How can I edit the readln input stream?
40) How can I write (brand) something into my executables?
41) What is wrong with my program? It hangs without a clear pattern?
42) How do I convert a decimal word into a hexadecimal string, etc?
43) How to determine the last drive?
44) How can I put a running clock into my Turbo Pascal program?
45) How to establish if a name refers to a directory or not?
46) How does one disable alt-ctrl-del?
47) How can I test whether a file exists?
48) What is the name of the current Turbo Pascal program?
49) How is the code for rebooting the PC written in Turbo Pascal?
50) How can I write inline code?
51) I am running out of memory when compiling my large program.
52) How do I avoid scrolling in the last column of the last row?
53) How can one hide (or unhide) a directory using a TP program?
54) How do I test whether a file is already open in a TP program?
55) How can I test and convert a numerical string into a real?
56) How can I reverse a TP .EXE or .TPU back into source code?
57) How can I calculate the difference between two points of time?
58) Is a program running stand-alone or from within the IDE?
59) Please explain Turbo Pascal memory addressing to me.
60) How do I obtain a bit or bits from a byte, a word or a longint?
61) What are Binary Coded Decimals? How to convert them?
62) How can I copy a file in a Turbo Pascal program?
63) How can I use C code in my Turbo Pascal program?
64) How do I get started with the Turbo Profiler?
65) How can I detect if the shift/ctrl/alt etc key is pressed?
66) How do I get a base 10 logarithm in TP?
67) If Delay procedure does not work properly, how do I fix it?
68) How much memory will my TP program require?
69) How to detect if a drive is a CD-ROM drive?
70) How do I convert an array of characters into a string?
71) How do I get started with graphics programming?
72) Where to I find the different sorting source codes?
73) A beginner's how to write and compile units.
74) What are and how do I use pointers?
75) How can I read another program's errorlevel value in TP?
76) What are the current Pascal newsgroups on the Usenet news?
77) How do I detect the CapsLock status, how do I turn it on/off?
78) How do I detect if the F11 or F12 key has been pressed?
79) How do I extract (parse) substrings from an input string?
80) How do I find out the size of any kind of a file?
81) How do I format graphics output like in textmode writeln?


Copyright (c) 1993-1995 by Timo Salmi
All rights reserved

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